Foto: Egon Heck, 1980


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    AM38 (CTI, 2016)
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The Tsohom-dyapa live in the region between the Jutaí and Jandiatuba Rivers in the Vale do Javari Indigenous Land. Though very little is known about them, they undoubtedly speak a language from the Katukina family, very similar to the languages of the Kanamari and Katukina of the Biá River. The name Tsohom-dyapa can be translated as ‘toucan people’ and is a self-designation typical to the Kanamari subgroups. All the indications are that the Tsohom-dyapa are one of the subgroups that remained further away from the others, inhabiting a region between two clusters of Kanamari populations, on the upper course of the Jutaí and Itaqui rivers.

Although the Tsohom-dyapa are considered isolated by FUNAI, some of them maintains sporadic contacts with the Kanamari and occasionally with the region’s non-indigenous population.