Prêmio Culturas Indígenas 2008


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    AM18.328 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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The Mura occupy vast areas in the hydric complex of Madeira, Amazonas and Purus rivers. They live in Indigenous Lands, as well as in local urban centers, such as Manaus, Autazes and Borba. Since first records from the 17th century they are described as a river-faring people, with broad territorial mobility and expert knowledge of pathways in between small rivers, channels, islands and lakes. In the long history of contact, they suffered several stigmas, massacres, as well as demographic, linguistic and cultural losses. Though they were originally speakers of an isolated language, the Mura started to use Nheengatú (Amazonian General Language) in exchange with the whites, blacks and other indigenous peoples. In the 20th century, portuguese became the main language used. Currently, despite historical changes, the Mura carry out diverse efforts to be fully recognized as a distinct people.