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    AM34 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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The Korubo, also known as the "clubber Indians" because of their war clubs, live in the region surrounding the confluence of the Ituí and Itaquaí rivers in the Javari valley. Most of the population (more than 200 people) still lives in isolation, moving between the Ituí, Coari and Branco rivers. In 1996, after various attempts, FUNAI contacted a small group of Korubo Indians. After the encounter with the attraction team, the Korubo began to visit the villages of the Matis Indians and the FUNAI encampments in the forest. Today the group is distributed in two communities on the lower Ituí.

This entry on the Korubu is largely based on data concerning the population contacted in the 1990s. When information on the isolated Korubo is included, this fact is mentioned in the text.