Foto: Ruben Caixeta, 2010


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    PA,AM1.242 (Siasi/Sesai, 2012)
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During the process of returning to their traditional territory, on April 29th 2010, the leader of Torre village on the Nhamundá river, Ahtxe Hixkaryana, had the following to say about his ancestors:

A very long time ago our grandparents lived downriver, by the mouth of the Nhamundá, where the city of Faro exists today. They lived there in the middle of the whites for whom they worked, cleaning their faeces, they lived like dogs. And if they did anything that displeased their bosses, their heads were cut off. There was much persecution, which is why we fled from there, we travelled upriver to the headwaters of the Nhamundá, there were I was born, but our origin is downriver.” The same day, another resident of Torre village, Txikirifu, spoke of the reason why they are returning downriver: “our grandparents were persecuted by the whites and fled to the headwaters, now we are returning to our land, we want just a small portion of our land, which used to be very extensive. We are united here to fight for our land, land that was always ours. I’m finding this all very weird, ‘fighting for our land,’ but that’s really what’s happening, we are in the place that always belonged to our people.