Foto: Geraldo Silva, 2000


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    MT880 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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Conversation with a man:

- What is the name of this river
This river doesn't have a name, we just say iya ithabï.

- What are the boundaries of your land?
From Altamira to Morená, this river is our land.

- What does your name mean?
We have the name Yudjá because we come from this river, we were created in this river.

-Why do you hunt in canoes?
We can't do it while walking, we're not Indians! We have canoes for navigating.

Conversation with a woman:

- Why is the manioc beer considered human?
Obviously because the beer owners get drunk on it!  'How can that be?' we've asked ourselves.  'How can it be human?'  It's human since it makes us get drunk, it kills us a little bit.'  We consider manioc beer to be human.  It's human:  see, it kills us, we get drunk and fall asleep.  Manioc beer makes us die.