Foto: Jussara Gruber, 1979


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  • Where they are How many

    AM53.544 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
    Colombia8.000 (Goulard, J. P., 2011)
    Peru6.982 (INEI, 2007)
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The Ticuna are the most numerous people in Brazilian Amazonia. Following a recent history shaped by the violent invasion of rubber-tappers, fishermen and loggers in the Solimões river region, it was only in the 1990s that the Ticuna gained official recognition for the majority of their lands. Today they face the challenge of guaranteeing their economic and environmental sustainability, enhancing their relations with the surrounding society while maintaining the vivacity of their extremely rich culture. Not by chance, the masks, designs and paintings of this people have achieved international recognition.