Foto: Cloude de Souza Correia, 2003


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    AC519 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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Nawa is a self-designation or an indicator of otherness ("other people") in many Pano-speaking societies, and was recently claimed by this indigenous group, now living inside the Serra do Divisor National Park, as the name by which they should be officially recognized by the Brazilian state. This claim arose in response to the threatened resettlement of the population outside the perimeter of the Conservation Unit, which as an integral protection area outlaws habitation inside its borders. They are now fighting for official recognition of their land, a process initiated by Funai. Due to violent contact in the past with expanding colonialist frontiers, especially the rubber industry, the Nawa no longer speak their language, though their worldview and way of life reflects a series of aspects identifiable with the Pano cultural complex.