Foto: Elizabeth Rondon Amarante, década de 70

Menky Manoki

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    MT117 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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Manoki is the name by which the Indians who are more commonly known as Irantxe call themselves; their language bears no similarity with other language families. Their history, however, is not very different from most other Indians in Brazil: they were practically decimated as a result of massacres and diseases from their contact with the whites. In the mid-20th Century, most of the survivors saw no other alternative but to live in a Jesuit mission, which was responsible for the profound socio-cultural destructuration of the group. In 1968, the Manoki received land from the federal government outside the area of their historical occupation, and the environmental characteristics of which made their traditional use of resources unviable. The fate of the Myky, a Manoki group which remained isolated from the national society until 1971, differed little from that of the Manoki. Since then, they have suffered equally from the consequences of the landholding speculation which has affected the area surrounding their territory. Presently, both groups are making claims to increase their lands.