Foto: Beto Ricardo, 1999


  • Autodenominação
    Ipatse ótomo, Ahukugi ótomo, Lahatuá ótomo
  • Where they are How many

    MT653 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
  • Linguistic family

Location and population

The Kuikuro form part of what may be called the upper Xingu Carib sub-system. This is nowadays made up of four groups: the Matipu, Nahukwá and Kalapalo, as well as the Kuikuro. Their traditional territory is the eastern part of the catchment area that forms the Xingu river (the Culuene, Buriti and Curisevo rivers). The Kuikuro currently inhabit three villages. The most important and largest of these is Ipatse which has more than 300 people and is set slightly back from the left bank of the middle Culuene. In 1997 the village of Ahukugi was founded on the right bank of the Culuene, upstream from Ipatse, and with a current population of more than a hundred. More recently a third village was founded on the site of the former Lahatuá site by a family group of a dozen people. Some thirty Kuikuro live in the Yawalapiti village. Strong political and marriage alliances between the Kuikuro and the Yawalapiti contributed to the revival of the Yawalapiti as a village (and as a group) after the 1950s. As a consequence of inter-marriage, some Kuikuro also live in other villages in the upper Xingu, mainly those of other Carib peoples of the region.