Foto: autor desconhecido, 1971

Gavião Pykopjê

  • Autodenominação
  • Where they are How many

    MA769 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
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Our natural resources have become scarce and the pressure on our area is very great. More and more young people migrate to the city to earn small amounts of money and return with a lot of bad habits and disrespect for our customs and way of life. But we are trying to keep our culture very much alive; we still perform some of our festivals and continue to speak our own language, pierce our ears, and marry in the traditional way. We’ve already been through difficult times in the past, our people almost came to an end, but now we are growing again and our main concern is how to keep our people united without having to disperse to live in the city or in other villages. For us, our union is reinforced and lived through our festivals: this is when children and young people can learn who is who in the village and how to treat each person, what our songs are like and the way they speak of nature. But we’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to hold the large festivals involving the entire community." (Joel Martins, Pykopjê)