Foto: Camila Gauditano, 2001


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Indigenous Schools

Many years ago the Kĩsêdjê recognized the need to learn to read and write and to understand mathematics in order to interact with members of Brazilian society. In Ngôjwêrê, two trained Kĩsêdjê teachers are responsible for all the schooling. They use an alphabet script developed for the Kĩsêdjê language, and teach Portuguese as a second language. They follow the curriculum of the Political Pedagogical Project (Projeto Politico Pedagógico) developed by the indigenous teachers in the Xingu Indigenous Park, with the advice of a team from the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA). This curriculum teaches history, geography, and mathematics; it has as its central themes the environment, health, pride in culture, and defense of territory.

The villages of Ngôsogô and Roptôtxi also have indigenous teachers, one of whom has a diploma and the other of whom is still in training.