Foto: Adelino de Lucena Mendes, 2002


  • Other names
    Canoe, Kapixaná, Kapixanã
  • Where they are How many

    RO319 (Siasi/Sesai, 2014)
  • Linguistic family

The Kanoê of the Guaporé River

The Kanoê who live along the banks of the Guaporé River are characterized by an intense insertion in the way of life of Brazilian society. Most are married with members of other ethnic groups or with non-Indians and only three of them speak the native language. Nevertheless, according to the leader José Augusto Kanoê, they are aware that they are an indigenous people united by a common origin and by ties of kinship, and because of this they intend to develop projects to revitalize their ethnocultural and linguistic identity.

The Kanoê live with other indigenous peoples on the Rio Branco and Rio Guaporé (the old Ricardo Franco Indigenous Post) Indigenous Lands, as well as in the municipality of Guajará-Mirim. There is even a family living in the Pacaás-Novas Indigenous Lands(P.I. Deolinda) and other families on the Sagarana Indigenous Lands, both inhabited by the Wari. According to the testimony of the Kanoê Munuzinho (who lives on the P.I. Deolinda) in January, 1997, there are possibly still other groups of their more distant kin living in other regions of Rondônia, about whom there have been no reports for a long time.